Saturday, February 7, 2015

for your little valentine // @jlmeyer

For those of you who are in the midst of winter, like our little family in Chicago, holidays always help to add some cheer to the house arrest the cold tends to put us under. 

With Valentine’s Day coming quickly I thought I would share a few of my recent favorite items that would make the perfect gift for your little Valentine. And lucky for you, a few shops even share exclusive discount codes for a limited time!

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends! 

1. Living the Dream Tee - Electric Collective
(Use the code VALENTINE for 30% off!)
2. Hearts Teether - June Park
(Use Code VDAY20 for 20% off your order!)
3. Band-Aids – JCrew
4. Block Monster – JCrew
5. Baby Bear Moccs & Hearts - Potato Feet
6. Knot Headbands - Carley Jae
(Use Code VDAY2015 for free shipping on orders $15 or more!)
7. Bunny Print - Kelli Murray
8. Wooden Car - Land of Nod
9. Ukelele - Land of Nod

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Joanna Meyer
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Monday, January 5, 2015

father + son style // @jlmeyer

When it comes to dressing Archie, I like to think he has combination of his dad and I’s styles. But let’s be honest, I can’t help but swoon when they are kind of matching. On a typical day you can find Archie and his daddy wearing fitted t-shirts and jeans while chasing each other around and clapping.

Tee Shirt – Electric Collective Tee (American Apparel)
Sweater – Old Navy
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Old Navy

Tee Shirt – Band Tee (American Apparel)
Sweater – H&M
Jeans – Levis
Shoes – Vans

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Joanna Meyer
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

wild + free // @moderndaycharm

We were so excited to send one of our wild and free totes over to one of our favorite Nashville bloggers, Chandra. Head over to Modern Day Charm now to see how she styled it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

six ways to style // @_vanessaboy

Vanessa styled our Wild & Free Pullover on her adorable little guy, Lucas. 

Look 1: (preppy)
Cardigan -Old Navy
Pants -H&M
Shoes -Sperry
Bracelets Pura Vida

Look 2: (playtime)
Skinnies -Wild Little Comfies
Shoes -Native Shoes
Bracelets- Pura Vida

Look 3: (collegiate style)
White button up - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse
Bracelets- Pura Vida

Look 4: (fall classic)
Flannel - Old navy
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse
Bracelets - Pura Vida

Look 5: (#coastalstreetstyle)
Vest - Nordstrom Rack (Sovereign Code)
Slouchies - Wild Little Comfies
Shoes - Toms
Bracelets - Pura Vida

Look 6: (sporty)
UCF Knights Basketball Shorts - Target
Shoes - Nike
Bracelets - Pura Vida 

Price and functionality are always a determining factor when I shop for Lucas.  If he can wear it multiple ways and with different looks then I consider it a "must have." I'm also a sucker for coordinating pieces. If I find a mini version of what daddy has, SOLD! 

Post and photos by:
Vanessa Boy
@_vanessaboy // instagram

Sweatshirt by:
Electric Collective
@electriccollective // instagram

Slouches and Skinnies by:
Wild Little Comfies
@wildlittlecomfies // instagram

Thursday, August 21, 2014

rowan's birthday decorations // @heyitsmekrista

I decided to share about Rowan's birthday party on here so that friends and family can see the photos. I was really happy with how the whole day turned out. We had the party in my hometown about three and a half hours away from where we live now, so it was really a challenge planning everything in a town where I haven't lived in so long. 

I knew the style of decorations I wanted months ago so I started buying and making little things here and there which was really great. Once we went to decorate I had so much more than I even thought, it was just a matter of figuring out how we were going to use what we had. 

We didn't really have a theme, just a color scheme: black, white, gold, and mint green. One of my favorite decorations were these little plastic dinosaurs that we bought at a thrift shop and spray painted gold. We sat them around the food table and used them to hold down balloons.